Hi guys, I know some of you probably have questions about who we are as a company and how we got started, so my awesome husband forced me in front of a camera and asked me some of the questions that might be on your mind. (Though I think one of the questions he asked was just for a little bit of self-praise.... Guess which one it is) Hope you like it. Much love and happy pregnancy!



(Yes, we totally edited to to read much better than the video - can you blame us). 

Tell us a little bit about yourself both personally and as a business owner.

Interesting facts, memberships, anything that you would like potential clients to know so they can relate better to you and your business

When did you start Pregnancy Subscription Box?

Well, it's June now, so, we started thinking about it May 5th maybe, and actually got a box together June 3rd. We've hit a few roadblocks along the way, but I'm gonna say June 3rd.

Why did you decide to start this business?

I started this business because I needed something to do that was just for me. I've spent the last 6.5 years pouring everything I had into caring for my family that I was worried I might start to lose myself. If I did that, then I wouldn't be what my family needed anymore.

So my husband came up with the brilliant idea to sell a "salsa of the month" subscription box. Now, I love salsa as much as the next Southern Californian, (though sometimes I wonder why everything needs ghost peppers or habaneros), but salsa isn't in my blood. It would have been me doing all the work for my husbands business. That would have defeated the purpose.

So I started thinking about the last time I really felt like I could be an authority on a subject. There was when I was in high school and could tell you how to get your horse to do anything you wanted it to do.   There were all those times I had taught people to crochet. There were those summers I had spent teaching English in Haiti.  But those things don't seem to define me as a person anymore. I knew if I started something like that, I might get caught up in meal planning and laundry again and fail for lack of continuity.

Then I realized that, if I wanted to succeed, I had to be helping other people succeed along with me.  So I took inventory of all the things I'm really good at. I can make awesome cakes. I can create stuffed animals out of yarn. But first, and foremost, I'm a good mom. No, I'm a great mom. Though sometimes I have to remind myself of that because I'm still plagued by really low self esteem. I ran with that,  what was I doing to be a great mom and where did that start?

It all started when I found out I was pregnant with my son. He wasn't planned, but I knew it was my job to take care of him. So I started studying. (Because I'm a nerd). And I took the advice of everyone who was willing to give it. This meant, for a woman in the 21st century, a VERY restricted diet. No sushi, no peanuts, no fish, no soft cheeses, no processed sugars. the list goes on and on and on and on.  If anyone said it was a bad idea, I didn't eat it anymore. I even cut out salt almost entirely when I started getting high blood sugar.  But I did it, because I thought it was what was best for my baby.

Well, it turns out, I wasn't always given the best advice. I was so stressed out with trying to figure out what on earth I could eat (besides tortillas and orange juice) that I wasn't really taking care of myself.  I ended up being put on bedrest and then being induced 6 weeks early.  My baby was born early and only 5lbs, but he was ok and is now the cutest little five year old you could ever hope to meet, but I literally almost died. My kidneys were starting to shut down.

Almost two years later I had a miscarriage. After that I just assumed that my body just wasn't meant to have babies. I resigned myself to zachary being an only child.

Another year later, I was pregnant again, but living in a whole new place, so I had a wonderful new person to ask all my pregnancy questions. The woman who became my midwife introduced me to a new way of looking at food for a pregnant woman.  It's called the brewer diet. It's not restrictive, it's inclusive. It doesn't say "you can't eat that" it says "here, eat this". The weight just flew off my shoulders. I had a plan, and a good one at that.

I started employing the skills I had learned as a wife and mother to this new way of looking at a pregnancy diet.

I made meal plans. When we first got married, we were flat broke. So I did meal plans so I could know that we would have enough food to make it through the next two weeks. Now, I took those skills and made sure my body was getting the nutrition it needed.

My third pregnancy was successful in every way. My daughter was born the day before her due date, she was healthy, she weighed 7lbs 2 oz

When I was looking at the things I was Really good at, I saw this skill as something I could use to help other women be successful in their pregnancies. I'm not a doctor, but I am a mom. And now that I've been properly educated, i can help other moms to not have to go through what I did with my first and second pregnancies.

So I guess, long story short, I came up with the pregnancy subscription box out of a need to find myself and to help other women.

What is your main product?

Our main product is really a plan.  When I started my third pregnancy off with a plan, I was automatically happier because I knew, that even if things went wrong, it wasn't because I didn't know what was going on. We give our customers a plan for a healthy pregnancy.

What problem does this subscription box solve for your customers?

The problem we solve is stressing out about what to eat. If you don't know what to eat, just check the list. There will be something on there that sounds good, and if you did the shopping for the week already with our menu in mind, you'll probably already have it in the fridge.

Who is your ideal customer?

My ideal customer is someone who is pregnant, wants to do the best thing for her baby, but is maybe getting a little overwhelmed. Our box is designed to remove some of the stress and add a little fun back into the pregnancy.

What are your biggest strengths or what separates you from your competitors in the pregnancy box space?

Most of the other subscription boxes I've found focus on the baby after it's born.  Ours knows that if momma is happy, that will make everyone happy. So we focus on the mom.

I know you just launched, but what are you most proud of in your business so far?

The website. No seriously, my husband did an amazing job making it not only look beautiful, but function great.

What is your philosophy on running a successful business, particularly a subscription box business for pregnant women?

I hope all businesses have this same philosophy, but mine is start with something that will ACTUALLY help the customer. If we had gone with the salsa craziness, I would have been helping the customer discover great salsas and flavors.  With the pregnancy box, we are giving pregnant women something the can really use, or at least a monthly inundation of snacks and fun.

Do you have any new specials you’d like to mention - perhaps in light of your launch?

Use coupon code “launch20” at checkout to get 20% off your subscription. Good for the entire month of June and July of 2015. For the best discount, get the 3, 6, or 12 month options.  Click here to join now.

If you had a chance to say one thing to a brand new customer, before they even visit your website and checkout your Pregnancy Subscription Box, what would it be?

You're going to be a great mom!  Just by looking up information about how to take care of yourself and your baby, you've already proven yourself a great mom.

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