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With The Preggie Box Subscription. Each Month's Box Contains The Following Items:

30 Day Supply Prenatals

Value: $29.99/mth

Pregnancy Safe Snacks

Value: ~$14.99/mth

Surprise Baby Items

Value: $2-10/mth

Recipe & Meal Plan Card

Value: 9.99/mth

Baby or Beauty Samples

Value: $???/mth

Total Monthly Value

Value: $40-57/mth


38.99 month
  • *Free Shipping
  • RegularPrice

3 Months

35.99 month
  • *Free Shipping
  • SAVE10%

6 Months

32.99 month
  • *Free Shipping
  • SAVE20%

1 Year

29.99 month
  • *Free Shipping
  • SAVE30%

Plans Automatically Renew (Perfect For Breastfeeding). Cancel Anytime.

*Because We Include A PreNatal Vitamin, We Can Only Ship To US Customers.