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Pregnancy Is An Exciting Time In Our Lives. It's A Special Time For Women. But It Can Also Be Confusing & Stressful With All The New Rules About Food, Rest & Nutrition. We Are Here To Help.

From The Desk Of Karen Matthews

Written May, 2015


My Name is Karen Matthews and I am the founder of Pregnancy Subscription Box. Over the last 6 years I have had three pregnancies, two births, & one miscarriage (Yup, That Sucked!).

Over that time I've dealt with a slight obsession with the health and nutrition aspects pregnancy.  There were SO many people telling me what I should eat and how I should exercise, that it was just too much.

So I started doing my own research and basically found out what I can and can't do to have a happy, healthy pregnancy and baby.

I want to help you remove that stress.

Because if you are stressing over nutrition, snacks, & prenatal vitamins, then you aren't having a happy healthy pregnancy.

That's why I created the Pregnancy Subscription Box.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first son, Zachary, I was given a LOT of conflicting advice.  I found giant lists of "Things pregnant women should NEVER eat" and then my friends, family, and people on baby-center would say that they're OK to eat.

All I wanted was a happy, healthy baby, and if that meant cutting out Mt. Dew and Lunchmeat then I would do it.

The only problem, I was MISERABLE.

So I started writing it all down.  I was so annoyed with all the conflicting advice I started doing an hour or so of research on every little thing before I would eat it.

I didn't want to do anything to jeopardize my health or my baby! I was so in love with this tiny little thing that I refused to eat fish for three months because I didn't know which species would be high in mercury and give my baby brain damage.  And I LOVE fish! Yeah, it was bad!

What I did was figure out WHY someone would say that a certain food was bad for pregnant women, then I would research that specific thing.

Listeria, Trichinosis, Salmonella, Mercury.  Whatever the reason, I would find legitimate medical articles about each individual thing, and then make my own decision based on facts, not just people ranting on social media.

The first time I ate in a Sushi restaurant with my giant pregnant belly, I got some nasty looks, but they didn't bother me anymore!

Believe me, I had researched that restaurant AND the type of sushi I was planning on getting before I had stepped through the door... (they were a top-notch place).

I was finally achieving my goal:

Have a healthy baby without losing my mind during pregnancy (losing your mind after you have a kid is inevitable).  And I was happier for it!

I wanted to share this with pregnant women everywhere, so, I'm here today and I really understand pregnancy.

I understand the challenges and the stresses that we women face when deciding what to put in out bodies.

I understand the strange love for the little aliens we have growing in our wombs.

And I understand that everyone who is giving you all that conflicting advice is JUST trying to help.

I learned to Smile and nod my head politely at the check-out lady, the Starbucks barista, the ladies in church, and anyone else who thought it was their right to control what was going on in my body.

And then just as politely do my own thing.

Now, my team and I do our best every month to take the stress out of your pregnancy by providing you with everything you need to nourish your body.

One of the things we provide for you is an amazing one-a-day prenatal vitamin. I tried nearly all of them (yeah, that was a bit expensive). The one we include from Ohpana Naturals is the only one I ever used that doesn't make me nauseated (if you don't keep the food down, all the research in the world won't keep you healthy).  Plus it uses all natural ingredients.

To top it all off, they use earth friendly, food safe, recyclable glass bottles and they donate a portion of all sales to a cool charity that helps to nourish children all over the world. So, you get an awesome prenatal that does great things for the world too!

Then, every month my team and I put my research to work by sourcing super tasty, Safe-For-You-And-Baby snacks and treats that check off as many GMO Free, Free Trade, organic, all natural, boxes that we can.  I have spent countless hours painstakingly taste-testing everything that goes into the box (grueling work, I can tell you).

We also endeavor to include some items to help with common pregnancy issues like nausea and stretch marks.

Finally, we include surprise baby items that you can use when the baby arrives. It's kind of like a mini baby shower every month.

Oh... and if I didn't mention it already... we do all of this for less than what you pay just for the PreNatal vitamin at a high quality retail establishment. Cool huh?

Go ahead and subscribe today and start pampering your pregnancy.

Since you're still here reading... I've decided you must be a reader and probably like to consume as much pregnancy related info as you possible can (I totally get it... you should see my pregnancy Pinterest boards).

I thought I'd put together some of our best articles that will help you start this journey to a happy healthy pregnancy off right.

This first article is called "How To Do Kegel Exercise Properly". This is a big one, you may not have realized this, but those muscles are going to be pushing a watermelon sized baby through them in just a few short months. Getting and keeping those muscles healthy and strong will make your delivery much easier (not to mention the recovery).

The second article I want to share with is you is right in line with the whole point of the Pregnancy Subscription Box - your nutrition. In it I cover "5 Foods You Thought You COULDN'T Eat While Pregnant (But You Really Can... & Probably Should!)"

I sincerely hope the information in these couple of articles will help you feel like the sane, safe, confident mommy I know you are. If you need more, just check out our blog. Congratulations on the new life you are bringing into this world.

Karen Matthews
CEO and Founder of PregnancySubscriptionBox.com