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All for less than the cost of the included Prenatal Vitamins. Take the stress out of eating right while pregnant. Make it fun.


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The Pregnancy Subscription Box Experience

Each month you will receive a box full of awesome items that will pamper your pregnancy. Join now, and we'll make sure you have everything you need to have the healthiest, most comfortable, & most fun pregnancy possible! 

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Get a full box of items specially selected for pregnant women for less than the cost of a  great prenatal vitamin (which is included)!

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Try it for a month or two, You can Cancel any time!

Love It

Fall in love with the Stress-Free Pregnancy Menus and Snacks.  Try something new every month and KNOW you're making the best choices for you and your baby.  

Here's How It Works

  • Your first box includes a bottle of high quality prenatal vitamins, pregnancy approved snack, treats, and samples, a midwife approved 7-Day Meal Plan, and a reusable meal-planner card & daily nutrition checklist. 
  • Your Second box and on include a month's supply of prenatal vitamins, more snacks, treats, and samples to try, and NEW 7-Day meal plan, 
  • Check our Social Media outlets to see what snacks will be featured every month.
  • Some boxes will even include a SURPRISE baby item that you'll need once Baby is Here! (Its like a baby-Shower every month!).
  • Each snack is selected for taste, ease of purse carry (trust us, you'll be hungry all the time - gotta bring food with you), health, and nutritional qualities.
  • We include a sweet treat or two in every box as well - because every pregnant woman needs a treat every now and then to keep her happy, healthy, & sane.
  • Pregnancy items and samples are included when we find something we like that will be helpful for your pregnancy.
  • Cancel or Skip a box anytime! No Hassles!

Why Should You Subscribe

"Can I eat this?" Is a Question Pregnant women ask themselves about 100 times a day.  Subscribe today and take that worry out of the equation. You'll get snacks that you KNOW you can eat, and a detailed menu-plan every month.  We will even provide you with a way of planning your own menu EASILY if ours doesn't quite fit.  

Less stress = Happier/Healthier Mommy (and Baby)

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